Agrometeorological review

The brief agrometeorological review

for the third ten-day period of January 2017

          In the third decade of January in southern and south-eastern Kazakhstan in the areas of cultivation of winter crops temperature background was above normal, precipitation fell mostly above normal.

         The alternation of positive day to night air temperatures of negative values somewhat complicated the passage of the wintering of winter crops, but the presence of snow cover created satisfactory conditions.

         The minimum soil temperature at the tillering node depth of winter wheat ranged from 0˚C to minus 3°C.

         In West Kazakhstan region in the areas of cultivation of winter cereals retained stable snow cover, which has a protective effect on the plants, so low on the soil surface temperature (27 - 30ºC frost) was not so dangerous for wintering.

         In most of the grazing was observed weather warmer than usual, precipitation fell everywhere.

         Grazing animals are on the pasture in Mangistau, Almaty, Kyzylorda oblasts, in the Kurmangazy district of Atyrau oblast, in Shalkar and Irgiz districts of Aktobe oblasts, in Ulytau and Shet district of Karaganda oblast, in other territory animals were kept on indoors.

        Ice phenomena were observed in pastures in the area of Atyrau oblast in the Mangistau district (MS Mahambet), in the Mangistau district of Mangistau oblast (MS Kyzan) and Shieli district of Kyzylorda oblast (MS Zliha) for 1 - 2 days, which was complicated by the movement of animals on pastures.

       On pastures noted in mainly satisfactory condition grass. In Aktogay district of Karaganda oblast in Zhambyl and Karatal districts of Almaty oblast continues to be observed a strong overgrazed pasture, in other territory mentioned fair etched. Status turf everywhere was frozen.

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