Agrometeorological review

The brief agrometeorological review

for the first ten-day period of January 2016

               In the first decade of January in the South and the south-east of the republic in areas of cultivation of winter crops the temperature background was above norm on 3-6°C, somewhere to 8°C, in foothill areas of Almaty oblast norms on 1-2°C are lower, rainfall was noted below and about norm.

               Intensive thaw last for 5-6 days in Almaty and Zhambyl oblasts, and for 5-7 days in the South Kazakhstan oblast, could lead to the loss of winter wheat of quenching, because of which reduced winter hardiness of plants. Without snow or small snow depth in some areas of  Zhambyl and South Kazakhstan oblasts, which could affect the passage of favorable wintering of winter wheat at strong frosts.

              On the prevailing grazing areas in the first decade of January marked the weather warmer than usual, rainfall of varying intensity have been almost universally.

              The pasture of animals was carried out on pastures in the Mangystau, Atyrau, Almaty, Sout-Kazakhstan oblasts, in Shalkarsky and Irgizsky districts of the Aktyubinsk  oblast, in Ulytau and Shetsk districts of the Karaganda oblast and in Karmakchinsky district of the Kyzylorda oblast. In other territory animals were on stall contents.

              Transportation of forages to bases of a wintering of animals and a feeding of a uterine livestock and young growth in the Mangystau district of Mangystau oblast continue, at the beginning of a decade have begun a feeding of animals in Karatalsky district of Almaty oblast.

              On the last day of the decade in most of the grazing noted in basically satisfactory condition grass, overgrazed pastures moderate.

             Status frozen turf everywhere, damp sod was Karakiyan district of Mangistau oblast (MS Akkuduk), noted in a dry Moiynkum Ddstrict of Zhambyl oblast (MS Moyynkum) and Karmakchinskom district of Kyzylorda oblast (MS Shirik-Rabat).

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