Agrometeorological review

The brief agrometeorological review

for the third ten-day period of February 2016

             In the South-Kazakhstan region during decade against the background of positive air temperatures observed the resumption of the winter wheat growing on crops in the vicinity of MS Kazygurt and Shymkent. Condition of crops is satisfactory and good wintering of winter crops passes safely.

             The results of the viability of winter crops on observable by us areas in late February showed that, as a result of freezing killed up to 5% of clover around MS Zharkent Almaty oblast and in the vicinity of MS Saudakent Zhambyl oblast alfalfa up to 10% on the rest of the plants were not damaged, i.e overwintering conditions were favorable.

             In West Kazakhstan region observed steady snow cover, which has a positive effect on the hardiness of winter rye.

             The grazing observation points the average temperature for the third decade of February was mostly above normal, in the Almaty oblast (highland pastures MS Assy) and in the South-Kazakhstan region (MS Kyzylkum) about norms prevailing in the fallout area of pasture.

             Grazing animals continues in the pastures in some parts of the west, south-west, central and south-east part of the country, the rest of the animals were kept on indoors.

             The lamb birth began in the first half of decade in Kyzylkoga district Atyrau oblast in Mangistau district of Mangistau oblast and Kaztalovskom district of West Kazakhstan oblast.

              In the second day of decade began to it distilled the animals on spring pastures in Zhambul district (MS Aidarly) of Almaty oblast.

              The poor condition of grass continues to be celebrated in the West Kazakhstan oblast, Irgiz district of Aktobe oblast and in Karatal district of Almaty oblast, in other areas there is a satisfactory state of herbage.

              Overgrazed pastures mostly moderate, state turf was frozen and only in Kurmangazy district of Atyrau oblast, observed a raw state of the sod.

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