Agrometeorological review

The brief agrometeorological review

for the second ten-day period of March 2017

            Everywhere in the southern half of Kazakhstan against the background of positive air temperatures spring vegetation of winter wheat and long-term artificial herbs has begun.

            In the Southern Kazakhstan and Almaty oblasts winter wheat on observed areas is in a phase: shoots – the 3-rd leaf, at a lucerne – growth of a stalk. A condition of crops of winter wheat in the neighborhood of MS Kazygurt and AMP Ekpendi of the Southern Kazakhstan oblast is good.

            In the West Kazakhstan region, there was a slight increase in air temperature, which created favorable conditions for winter hibernation of winter grain crops.

            In the second decade of March in the territory of pasturable livestock production weather more cold usual was noted, there was few rainfall or they were practically not. Rainfall has dropped out in the east, in some regions of the West, South and South – the East.

            Livestock grazing continues in the pastures of the south-west, in places in the west, in the center, in the southeast and in the south of the republic, at other points of observation, the animals were at stall.

           The brood campaign continues in Kyzylkoginsky district of Atyrau oblast, in Mangistau district of Mangistau oblast and in Kaztalov and Akzhaik districts of West Kazakhstan oblast, in the first half of decade the brood campaign began in Kurmangazinsky district of Atyrau oblast, in Zhambyl, Balkhash and Karatal districts of Almaty oblast.

          The resumption of vegetation of pasture grasses (wormwood, sedge) and shrubs (Ledum, white Saksaul) in Mangistau and in the South Kazakhstan oblasts continues. The condition of the grass stand is mostly satisfactory, sometimes bad.

          Strong pasture insecurity continues to be observed in some areas of the west, center, south and south-east of the country, in another territory was marked by temperate strife.

          At most points of observation, the sod was a damp, frozen state of the turf was noted in the pastures of the north, the center, and in some areas of the north-west.

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