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Review of actual weather for the day of February 7 and the night 8 February 2017
In Kostanai region in the afternoon on most of the snow has passed, sometimes at night - snow in some areas intensified wind 15-16 m / s. In Akmola, Aktobe regions places was snow in the afternoon in some places intensified wind 15-16 m / s in the Akmola region, in the afternoon in a separate district of Aktobe region there was fog. In the North-Kazakhstan region took place in the afternoon the snow, sometimes at night - snow. In Atyrau oblast the day was snow in the afternoon in some places marked ice. In Mangistau region took place during the day in places rain, in places at night - a little snow in the afternoon in some places there was fog. In West Kazakhstan region in places at night was a little snow. At night, in a separate area of ​​Pavlodar region took a little snow. In the East Kazakhstan region the day in a separate area of ​​intensified winds of 15 m / s, in some areas there was fog in places at night intensified the wind 15-22 m / s. In Almaty region was amplified in a separate area of ​​the wind 22-29 m / s, in a separate area of ​​the night fog was observed.


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