RSE “Kazhydromet”
Добавлено: 06 October 2017 12:36, Изменено: 17 October 2017 09:50

     In the third decade of September, winter wheat cultivation areas in Kazakhstan showed moderately warm weather, frost at night to minus 4°C, in mountain and foothill areas to minus 9°C and heavy rainfall in the east, south and south-east of the country. Such meteorological conditions, somewhat restrained the preparation of fields and the sowing of winter wheat in the southern regions.

     In the nearby of MS Tole Bi in Zhambyl oblast, plowing with harrowing is carried out for the sowing of winter wheat.

     On the observed sites around the AMP Gazeta «Pravda» of the West Kazakhstan oblast, winter wheat is in a phase: sprouting. The state of crops is good.

     The harvesting campaign for spring wheat is nearing completion in the north and east of the country. Everywhere in the observed areas there is a phase: full ripeness, the condition of spring wheat sowings is good.

     At the observed sites in the nearby of the MS Golubovka in Pavlodar oblast, in the beginning of the decade, they started harvesting buckwheat.

      The condition of the thermophilic crops is good (beet, cotton, rice), rice and corn harvesting continues for grain in the south and southeast. The harvesting of apple and pear in the gardens of Almaty oblast is completed.

      In the observed areas, the state of the alfalfa grasses in the south of the country is mostly good and satisfactory. Phase of development: regrowth after the 3-rd cut.

     On the territory of grazing livestock, the weather was colder than usual, the average air temperature for the decade was below the norm by 1-6°C. Precipitation fell in the east, in some areas of the west, north, center, south and south-east, in the rest of the territory there were practically none.

      Grazing animals was carried out throughout the pasture livestock. The autumn wool cut of sheep continues in Kurmangazinsky district of Atyrau region, in Balkhash district of Almaty oblast and in Suzak district of South Kazakhstan oblast, on the first day of the decade they started wool cut in Kyzylkoginsky district of Atyrau oblast.

     On the last day of the decade, a good and satisfactory condition of the grass stand was observed at the points of observation of grazing livestock. Pastures were weakly and moderately dislodged, the herbage is moderately strained, and pastures are insignificantly neglected or completely untouched by livestock in the Shetsky district of the Karaganda oblast (MS Kyzyltau).

     In the past decade, at most points of pasture livestock, on the last day of the decade, the dry state of the turf was everywhere, the raw state was observed in the Zhambyl district of the Almaty oblast (MS Aidarly).