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The editorial board of the magazine «HYDROMETEOROLOGY AND ECOLOGY» (the registration certificate No. 1538) the number ISSN 2079-6161 invites you to cooperation.
The Department of the Kazakhstans' scientists certification included our Magazine in the Scientific Editions List for the publication of the main results of dissertations in the field of geographical sciences.






We PAY ATTENTION of AUTHORS!  According to the contract with «National Center of Scientific and Technical Information» edition transfers to the Center the electronic version of the magazine for inclusion in electronic library, the Center provides editions a bibliometrichesky indicator (impakt-factor) of the edition. Currently, the journal is included in the database of the RSCI (Russian Scientific Citation Index).

Articles are published in our magazine according to all sections of meteorology, agricultural meteorology and climatology, physics of boundary layer and mathematical modeling. The hydrological section of the magazine covers results of researches in the field of a hydrology of a land and the seas, water resources, avalanches and mud flow. The essential part of the edition is taken away under the publications devoted to geographical problems of environment and aspects of ecology. The great attention is given to questions of hydrometeorological providing managing subjects and the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan, marketing of hydrometeorological information and also the organization of planning and management of work of network divisions of RSE “Kazhydromet”. Leading experts in various fields of a geographical science, the professor and teachers of the best institutions and academies of Kazakhstan and the neighboring countries actively cooperate with our magazine. The magazine «HYDROMETEOROLOGY AND ECOLOGY» is a real possibility of effective acquisition and replenishment of knowledge in the field of hydrometeorology and ecology for practical experts, scientists, teachers and students of geographical institutions and also experts in the fields adjoining with hydrometeorology and ecology.

Editorial board of the scientific and technical magazine «Hydrometeorology and ecology»:

  • Marat Kynatov (editor-in-chief, Director-General RSE «Kazhydromet», Permanent Representative with World Meteorological Organization)
  • Serik Sairov, Ph.D. (deputy editor-in-chief)
  • Natalya Ivkina, Ph.D. (deputy editor-in-chief)
  • Nurlan Abayev (responsible secretary)

Electronic version of the Journal

Electronic versions of the journal are on the website of the electronic scientific library.

Contact information

Editorial address:


Abay avenue 32, office 309, 307

050022, Almaty, Kazakhstan


+7 (727) 267 64 91, (727) 255 84 06


All materials can be sent to the edition address by mail, by e-mail, are transferred directly to Edition.