RSE “Kazhydromet”
Ministry of Energy
of the Republic of Kazakhstan
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Permanent Representative of Kazakhstan with the WMO 

Was born on April 17, 1960 in Shymkent, Kazakhstan.

In 1982 graduated from the Kazakh Chemical Technology Institute, engineer-technologist.

Has a scientific degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences (the theme of the dissertation is "Defused phosphorus-slag binder" (1992).
He passed International internships and courses at the United Vienna Institute (1994) and Harvard University (1995).

Work experience:

  • Started his work experience as replacement master, senior engineer-technologist of the cement plant (1982-1986);
  • Researcher at Almaty Scientific Research Institute Construction Project (Stroyproekt), (1986 -1993);
  • From 1993 to 2003 held positions of specialist, unit head, department director, Vice-minister in the State Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan on restriction of monopolistic activity, Ministry of Energy, Industry and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Has experience in financial institutions, in 1995 - 1998 he worked in the position of chief specialist, director of the department, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of the State Rehabilitation Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • From 2003 to 2016 was working as Managing Director of KEGOC JSC, Chairman of the Board of JSC KazKuat (construction of the Moinak HPP, modernization of Shardarinskaya HPP), Director of Zhambyl Hydroenergo LLP (organization of construction of wind, hydro, solar power stations), Chairman of the Board of JSC "Management Company of Special economic zone "Pavlodar" and General director of  "Agency for investment promotion" LLP.
  • Since September 7, 2016 General director of RSE Kazhydromet



First Deputy Director-General

Was born on November 7, 1959, in the Bulak village in North-Kazakhstan region.

In 1982 graduated from the Kazakh State University named after S.Kirov in the specialty of "Engineer-meteorologist".

1982 - 1992 began as an engineer-weatherman, senior engineer-synoptic at the Aviameteorological Station in Petropavlovsk.

1992-2015 worked as the director of the branch of RSE "Kazhydromet" in Mangistau region

2015-2017  Deputy General Director of RSE "Kazhydromet".

In 2017 he was appointed First Deputy General Director of RSE "Kazhydromet"





Deputy Director-General

She was born on 08.08.1977, has two higher educations in the field of "meteorology" and "finance", master's degree in "applied ecology".
In 2002, she began her career in the RSE "Kazhydromet" as a leading meteorologist;
2003-2009 engineer meteorologist, engineer meteorologist of the 1st category, leading engineer meteorologist, head of meteorology office;
2011-2015 Director of the Department of Meteorology;
2015-2017 Director of the Department of Environmental Monitoring.
Since September 18, 2017, she was appointed Deputy Director-General of RSE Kazhydromet.