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October 19, 2017, Thursday 

                          Over the past days in the mountainous areas of the south, south-east and east of the country precipitated. On some rivers of South Kazakhstan, Zhambyl and East Kazakhstan regions (Keles, Badam, Shayan, Teris, Shokpak, Kara Ertis, Kara Ertis, Buktyrma, Turgysyn, etc.) water content was increased. On the Ertis river flow of water in Bukhtarma reservoir increased to 388 m3/s and the lateral to Shulba reservoir has not significantly changed - 140 m3/s. Toktogul reservoir digging is going on, the volume of water in it has decreased to 19430 million m3, discharges of water from the reservoir have been reduced from 410 to 314 m3/s. Discharges of water from Kairakkum have not changed - 820 m3/s, the water volume in the reservoir is higher than the project values. On the Syrdarya river in the range of Kokbulak Hp water flow was 754 m3/s, discharges from the Shardara reservoir are equal to 1150 m3/s (according to the data of Shardara HP), the reservoir is activated, the volume of water in it has decreased to 1017 million m3. On the Syrdary river near the Kyzylorda region continued to rise water levels due to the spread of a wave of high discharges from the Shardara reservoir. On the Talas river discharges water from the Chonkapkins reservoir were reduced from 50 to 20 m3/s. On the Yle river inflow of water into the Kapshagai reservoir amounted to 523 m3/s, water discharges from it - 335 m3/s (according to Kapshagai HP), the volume of water in the reservoir increased to 16830 million m3. In the lower reaches of the Ural river, on the Balkash lake and Bukhtarma reservoir there were fluctuations in water levels by 0.1-0.4 m due to surge-surging phenomena. On the other water bodies of Kazakhstan in the hydrological regime no noticeable changes were observed.


               In the next days increased water inflow to Shardara reservoir will keep. On the Syrdarya river in the territory of Kyzylorda region water levels increase will go on due to the spread of waves of high discharges from Shardara reservoir. On the rivers of south, south-east and east of the republic waterness fluctuations will be observed.



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