RSE “Kazhydromet”
Ministry of Energy
of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Добавлено: 08 February 2017 18:49, Изменено: 07 March 2018 19:13


March 7, 2018, Wednesday


              On the rivers of the plain territory there are no significant changes in the water regime, a stable winter regime is maintained. The ice thickness on the Esil river 50-90 cm, Nura 13-15 cm, Ural river 26-53 cm. In the past day on Arys river  - Arys HP water level rose by 0.9 m due to the run-up of the wave of past flood. On the Bugun, Ekpendy and Teris rivers water levels decreased by 1.5 and 0.3 m respectively. On Syrdarya river water flow in the area of Kokbulak HP has not changed - 848 m3 / s, water discharges from Shardara reservoir amounted to - 495 m3 / s, the reservoir is filled, the volume of water in it increased to 3013 million m3. Continues to draw water from Syrdarya river into the Koksarai counter-regulator (according to the CoES); collapsed ice below the reservoir in the vicinity of Bayrakum HP, water levels decreased by 0.8 m. The water volume in the Kapshagai reservoir amounted to 16970 million m3, the water discharge from it is 410 m3 / s (according to the Kapshagai state enterprise).


         In the next three days on Syrdarya river and on the rivers of the south-east of the republic is expected to strengthen the process of ice formation, fluctuations in water levels. On Arys river will continue to rise in water levels due to the run-up of the wave of past flood. On the rivers of the flat terriori in the hydrological regime, no significant changes are expected.