RSE “Kazhydromet”
Ministry of Energy
of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Добавлено: 08 February 2017 18:49, Изменено: 13 December 2017 15:49


December 13, 2017, Wednesday

                  Over the past days in the basin of the river. On the Syrdarya river water discharges from Toktogul reservoir amounted to 588 m3 /s, which is within the norm. Discharges of water from Kairakkum reservoir have not changed - 1040 m3 /s, their value is 20-25% higher than normal. On Chirchik river – Chinaz HP (side tributary of the Syrdarya river, Uzbekistan), water consumption increased from 82 to 303 m3 / s due to channel regulation. On the river. Syrdarya in the area of ​​GP Chinaz water flow amounted to 1500 m3 / s, in the range of Kokbulak HP - 1330 m3 / s. Discharges of water from Shardara reservoir were increased from 674 to 853 m3 / s (according to the data of Shardara HP), the reservoir is intensively filled, the volume of water in it has increased to 1496 million m3. On Shu river discharges water from Tashutkul reservoir were reduced from 170 to 120 m3 / s. On Yle river inflow of water into the Kapshagai reservoir amounted to 441 m3 / s, discharges from it did not change - 450 (according to the data of the Kapshagai HP), the water volume in the reservoir is equal to 17540 million m3. Most of the water bodies in Kazakhstan continued the process of ice formation, fluctuations in water levels.


           In the next days on the Syrdarya river – Kokbulak HP area will continue to increase the runoff, below the Shardara reservoir in the territories of the South Kazakhstan water volume increase is expected due to increase of water discharges. Most of the water bodies in Kazakhstan are expected to continue the process of ice formation, on some rivers of the south, southeast and east of the republic the formation of gluttons, rising water levels are expected.