RSE “Kazhydromet”
Ministry of Energy
of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Добавлено: 03 February 2017 16:25, Изменено: 26 September 2017 18:12

For today RSE “Kazhydromet” includes 15 branches in each region of the Republic of Kazakhstan and in cities Almaty and Astana, where more than 3.5 thousand people work. Our network comprises 328 meteorological stations, 83 of them has an international status and included in the global network. Weather, observed on them is transmitting to the world data centers.

At the same time RSE “Kazhydromet” has 307 hydrological posts, where water samples are acquiring for the chemical analysis, where water balance of the rivers and lakes measure are made. Under laboratory conditions there are carrying out hydro chemical and hydro biological analyzes of more than 70 pollutant elements.

Furthermore, RSE “Kazhydromet” provides information on agrometeorological and ecological condition of environment, and provides other services according to approved pricelist.