RSE “Kazhydromet”
Добавлено: 26 December 2016 05:14, Изменено: 15 January 2020 10:46

The Hydrometeorological Service of Kazakhstan was funded in January 1922. For today it is a large scientific and manufacturing enterprise of the Ministry of Energy. By order of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan #185 dated on March 2, 2017 it is assigned the status of Republican state enterprise – (RSE) “Kazhydromet”. For today RSE “Kazhydromet” includes 15 branches in each region of the Republic of Kazakhstan and in cities Almaty and Astana, where more than 3.5 thousand people work. Our network comprises 328 meteorological stations, 83 of them has an international status and included in the global network. Weather, observed on them is transmitting to the world data centers. At the same time RSE “Kazhydromet” has 307 hydrological posts, where water samples are acquiring for the chemical analysis, where water balance of the rivers and lakes measure are made. Under laboratory conditions there are carrying out hydro chemical and hydro biological analyzes of more than 70 pollutant elements. Furthermore, RSE “Kazhydromet” provides information on agrometeorological and ecological condition of environment, and provides other services according to approved pricelist.

RSE “Kazhydromet” jointly with Services of 192 countries are part of World Meteorological Organization (WMO) – WMO is a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN) with 191 Member States and Territories. It is the UN system's authoritative voice on the state and behaviour of the Earth's atmosphere, its interaction with the land and oceans, the weather and climate it produces and the resulting distribution of water resources.

RSE “Kazhydromet” provides a round-the-clock monitoring, i.e. observes, analyzes, provides weather forecasts and warns about the nature behavior in various conditions, notably in air, water and soil. RSE “Kazhydromet” is the only authorized unit, which has the rights to provide an official information service to organizations about the storm warnings and natural hazardous phenomena in our State. So jointly with neighboring country-members of WMO, Kazakhstan takes an active part in the deal with the inherent threat posed which are threated mankind in XXI century.