RSE “Kazhydromet”
Ministry of Energy
of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Добавлено: 17 March 2018 15:00, Изменено: 18 March 2018 15:46
Forecast of the SYNOPTIC situation and the most important weather phenomena on the territory of Kazakhstan for March 19, 2018
With the passage of atmospheric frontal sections in most of Kazakhstan remains unstable weather, sometimes will be precipitation. Is expected in places a fog, ice, wind, ground Blizzard.
In Akmola region in places at night is expected sleet, Blizzard, night and morning fog in places at night, the wind sometimes 15-20m/s during the day for the most part 15-20 gusts of 23-28 m/s In Almaty oblast is expected in places at night fog, ice, wind strengthening to 15-20 m/s In the Zhambyl region is expected to increase wind of 15-20 m/s in places at night fog. In South Kazakhstan region wind will increase to 15-20 m/s, night and morning fog in places. In Kyzylorda, West Kazakhstan regions fog, ice, in the West Kazakhstan region at night in some places the strengthening of the wind 15-20 m/s are expected. In Mangystau region seats – fog, wind 15-20 m/s In Atyrau oblast is expected in places strengthening of a wind of 15-20 m/s , night and morning fog in places, ice, ground Blizzard. In Aktobe oblast is expected in places a fog, ice, night, places a ground Blizzard in the morning and in some places wind 15-20 m/s In the Kostanay, North Kazakhstan, Pavlodar oblasts the wind is 15-20, sometimes 23-28 m/s, in some places the grass-roots snowstorm, ice, fog. In the Karaganda region, in some places – fog, ice, in some places wind 15-20, in the afternoon sometimes gusts of 23 m/s. In the East Kazakhstan region is expected to places ice, night and morning fogs in places, in the afternoon in places of wind 15-20 m/s.