Department of meteorological research and calculations

The Department of meteorological research and calculations is a research and production division of the research center of RSE "Kazhydromet", working on applied tasks that assess the climate as a resource for various sectors of the economy. Provides climatological information on: construction and design; wind and solar energy; transport; heating and air conditioning; loads on structures (temperature, wind, ice, frost, etc.); bioclimate and health care.
• Scientific and methodological assistance in meteorology, production units of RSE " Kazhydromet»;
• Application of remote sensing data in meteorology;
* Comprehensive study and implementation of modern meteorological monitoring techniques recommended by WMO;
* Development and implementation of new technologies for the production of hydrometeorological products;
* Scientific and methodological work on the calculation of specialized climatic characteristics;
* Zoning of the territory of Kazakhstan by climate characteristics;
* Mapping the spatial distribution of meteorological parameters;
* Study of domestic and foreign experience;
* Preparation of scientific papers on the climate of Kazakhstan.
The main activities of DYING:
• Issue of the weekly Bulletin " Snow cover of Kazakhstan»;
* Specialized climate calculations based on the needs of consumers in various sectors of the economy;
* Development of a methodology for predicting crop yields on a regional scale using remote sensing data;
* Studies of adverse weather conditions in cities of Kazakhstan.
Perform work:
* Providing climate information to various sectors of the economy (civil and industrial construction, energy, oil industry, metallurgy, agriculture, etc.).
* Seasonal monitoring of the rate of formation/disappearance of snow cover on the territory of Kazakhstan within the framework of the Bulletin is carried out on the basis of various daily satellite products collected in decadal surveys (bulletins), starting from November 1. For comparative estimates of the current season by snow cover parameters, the Bulletin provides information on similar calendar dates starting from the 2000/2001 season.

Bulletin "Snow cover of Kazakhstan"
* Development of a methodology for predicting the yield of grain crops in 13 districts of the North Kazakhstan region.

Predictive graph of grain crop yield in the Shal Akyn district (SKR) 2019
* UMIR conducts training seminars for specialists of branches of RSE "Kazhydromet".

Training seminar on NMU forecasting 2017.

Training seminar on NMU forecasting 2020.
Executed work:
* Budget program 025 "Zoning the territory of Kazakhstan by climate loads" 2013-2015
* Settlements on a contractual basis in accordance with building codes and regulations.
Personnel potential:
Employees of the Department have extensive scientific and practical experience in the system of the National hydrometeorological service. Most of the employees have a degree in Hydrometeorology. The team consists of a candidate of technical Sciences with experience in remote sensing, as well as a doctoral student of al-Farabi Kazakh national University.
All employees of the Department are certified in working with GIS technologies and work on licensed ArcGIS 10.2 SOFTWARE.