Management of modeling of hydrological processes and hydrological calculations

Currently, the most important tasks in hydrology are to assess the regime of extreme hydrological events, primarily floods and floods. Mastering the methodological apparatus of the latest direction and technologies, forming an integral part of modern hydrology, contributes to the introduction of the use of hydrological models in all river basins, including unexplored basins. Also, one of the most important tasks is the long-term forecast of changes in the hydrological regime with the expected changes in climate and landscapes. Thus, the main activities MHPHR are:

MHPHR is adapting hydrologic models for rivers in Kazakhstan. In 2019, the HBV model was adapted for 53 mountain rivers in Kazakhstan, and the SWIM model was adapted for 5 flat rivers.
Hydrological forecasts are made using the above-mentioned hydrological models, which in turn are based on the quality of model calibration, as well as based on SYNOPTIC forecasts of meteorological parameters provided by the UKPP and UDPP of the GMC.

The validity of numerical hydrological forecasts for mountain rivers of Kazakhstan using the HBV-light model is on average from 75 to 95% for the entire region, and 79% for the SWIM model.
Also, one of the main activities of the UMGPP is the assessment of annual water resources of water management basins of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Starting from 2014, RSE "Kazhydromet" annually prepares stock tables within the framework of the budget program "Conducting hydrometeorological monitoring". The urgency of the task is related to the fact that the water resources of the Republic are not large and are distributed very unevenly within its territory. Therefore, Kazakhstan has recently been paying more and more attention to improving water resources management and coordinating water management policies with neighboring countries. Rapid assessment of the total, local and transit resources of river waters is of great interest in this regard.
The result of the water resources assessment is " Stock tables»:
The values of water resources characteristics of water management basins are calculated using the methods developed in RSE "Kazhydromet" in the period from 2002 to 2009. Calculated and prepared Stock tables with an analytical note are provided to the Committee on water resources of the Ministry of ecology, Geology and natural resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The following are brief descriptions of the hydrological models that are used for surveys.
The description of the short-term forecast of lateral water inflow to the Shulba reservoir is illustrated in the following poster report.
Human potential MHPHR
Employees of the Department have many years of experience in interdisciplinary research on hydrological research and modeling of hydrological processes. Specialists were trained at the Geophysical Observatory (Potsdam, Germany), training courses and seminars on hydrological modeling CAWa, CAREC were trained in hydrology at the IIT (Rourke, India).
The Department consists of specialists with master's degrees, one specialist is trained in the doctoral program of al-Farabi Kazakh national University (Almaty, Kazakhstan).