Hydrometeorological forecasting information

- Preparation of short-term weather forecasts;

- Preparation forecasts of meteorological conditions for air pollution (NMU);

- Preparation of storm warnings about the occurrence of hazardous (OH) and natural hydrometeorological phenomena (OHP), abrupt weather changes (RIP).

Actual meteorological information 

-Temperature (min, mean,max) air humidity

-wind direction and speed

- soil temperature at the surface and depths

- precipitation, atmospheric phenomena

- snow cover and ice and frost sediments

Ecological monitoring

- atmospheric air monitoring

- sampling and physico-chemical analysis of Syr-Daria and Aral Sea on hydrochemical

- Monitoring of radiation background levels

- Issuance of background information on ambient concentrations of pollutantsand surface water 

- soil sampling and analysis for heavy metals -information on atmospheric chemistry 

- information on the chemical composition of atmospheric precipitation

Hydrological monitoring

Hydrological monitoring

- levels, water consumption, water runoff at gauging stations

- water temperature

- ice thickness, height of snow on ice, ice phenomena

- current speed, depth of the Syrdarya river

- Compilation of a hydrological bulletin

Agrometeorological monitoring

- Soil moisture instrumental

- Temperature topsoil and water checks

- Phase development and collection of herbarium (camel thorn, azhrek, feather, black saxaul, tarragon, rice, spring wheat, alfalfa)

- Elements of the productivity and structure of the crop