Lowering temperatures and rains

IconPublished 23.09.2022

The north-western cyclone will affect the western regions of Kazakhstan, and then, shifting eastward, and the rest of the country, causing rains on its way: September 25 in the west, September 26 in the northwest and north heavy rains, thunderstorms, increased wind and hail. At the beginning of next week, precipitation is expected in the North Kazakhstan region (the transition of rain to sleet). In the south-east of Kazakhstan, short-term rains with thunderstorms are expected only in mountainous and foothill areas.
The air temperature will decrease in most of the republic: in the west of the country during the day from 22-33 to 9-22 degrees Celsius, in the northwest from 25-32 to 10-23 degrees celsius, in the north from 23-30 to 5-20 degrees celsius, in the center from 22-32 to 20-28 degrees celsius, in the Kyzylorda region from 30-35 to 17-25 degrees Celsius. In the south-east and the extreme south of the country, the air temperature will remain within 25-35 degrees Celsius.

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