Sunny weather will be replaced by rains

IconPublished 05.10.2022

In the second half of the week, most of the territory of Kazakhstan will still be under the influence of an extensive anticyclone, warm weather will remain without precipitation in the northern, central regions, and as it shifts precipitation will stop in the east of the country. In turn, under the power of a cyclone from the regions of the Scandinavian peninsula, shifting from west to east, first the western, north-western, and towards the end of the week the northern and central regions of the country will be covered by rains with thunderstorms, in the north of the country at night it is possible to turn rain into snow. The wind will also increase here, hail is likely in the daytime in the western regions. In the south of the republic, with the passage of frontal sections, there will also be rains with thunderstorms, in mountainous areas – rain with a transition to snow. Fogs are expected in the republic at night.
The daytime air temperature in the west of the country will be the main background of 15-23 heat, in the center of 15-25 heat, in the northern half of the decrease from 15-22 to 10-18 heat, in the east of the country the thermometer will rise from 8-17 to 14-23 heat, in the southeast from 15-23, in mountainous areas 8-13 to 20-25, in the south of the country the main background It will be 20-28 degrees Celsius, 10-15 degrees Celsius in mountainous areas.

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