Record warm September 2022

IconPublished 06.10.2022

September 2022 was warm throughout Kazakhstan and arid in most regions of the republic.
For most of the month, a powerful removal of warm air masses from the Black and Mediterranean Seas was carried out on the territory of the country. At the beginning and at the end of the month, record high air temperatures were observed. In the daytime, the thermometer columns rose in the northern regions to +30 +40 ° C, for example, on September 3 in the North Kazakhstan region at the Chkalovo weather station it was +40.2 ° C, as a result, the record of 2003 was updated (+34.7 ° C). In the southern regions it was even higher - +35+42 °C. However, in the middle and at the very end of the month, with the influx of cold and humid air masses from the regions of Scandinavia and Novaya Zemlya, a significant decrease in the temperature background was observed: at night, the air temperature dropped to weakly positive in the southern regions, and in the northern regions and in the mountainous regions of the country to negative values -3-14 ° C (On September 30, -14.4 °C was recorded at the Besoba weather station in the Karaganda region).
In September, the anticyclonic type of weather mainly prevailed over the territory of the republic. Clear weather without precipitation was observed for most of the month. There was no rain in the southern regions of the country during the whole month (Turkestan region). Only in the western and northern parts of Kazakhstan in the middle and at the end of the month, with the passage of the atmospheric fronts of the northern cyclone, there were rains with thunderstorms, in some areas strong. On September 10, 23 mm fell at the Rodnikovka weather station in Aktobe region during the day, on September 11, 24 mm fell at the Akkol weather station in Akmola region, on September 26 in Petropavlovsk of the North Kazakhstan region fell 22 mm. In the middle and at the end of September, the wind also increased to 15-25 m/s, and in the Zhetysu region at the Dostyk weather station, the wind increased to 38 m/s.
At the very end of the month, the transition of rain to snow was observed in the northern regions of Kazakhstan at night and in the morning.
In the capital of our republic, 2 temperature records were recorded at once: September 2 – 35.1 °C (2007 record was broken - +35.0°C), September 3 - +35.7°C (2017 record was broken - +35.5°C),
The highest air temperature was recorded on September 3 and amounted to +35.7 ° C, the lowest air temperature in the capital was recorded on September 29 and amounted to -4.7 °C. Precipitation fell less than normal - 16 mm (75% of the norm), with a monthly norm of 22 mm.

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