Cessation of precipitation and lowering of air temperature

IconPublished 14.11.2022

The Atlantic cyclone continues to influence the weather of the republic, causing precipitation on its way: in the north, in the center, in the south of the country heavy precipitation (rain, snow). Blizzard, ice, fog, strong gusty wind of 15-28 m/s persists in the republic, on November 15 in the Karaganda and Zhambyl regions there is a very strong wind of 30 m/s or more. In the middle of the week, with the release of the North-western anticyclone, precipitation is expected to stop and the temperature background will decrease. Lowering of air temperature at night in the north, northwest, east, in the center to 10-20 frost, and in the south, southeast of the country to 2-10, in mountainous areas 10-15 frost.

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