There is a strong heat in most of the Republic of Kazakhstan

IconPublished 02.06.2023

The spur of the outgoing anticyclone, which is fueled by southerly currents, will determine the weather in most of Kazakhstan. Only in the western regions and in the mountainous areas of the south-east of the country, under the influence of the cyclone and atmospheric frontal sections, there will be rains with thunderstorms. Wind strengthening with dust storms is expected in the southern regions of the republic.
There is a strong heat, in the daytime the sun will warm the air in the northwest, north of the country to +36 +41 ° C, in the east to +33+39 ° C, in the center to +33+41 ° C, in the south to +37+44 ° C, in the southeast up to +30+39°C.

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