From May to September, Kazhydromet RSE publishes a weekly bulletin of forecasts of the ultraviolet radiation index (UV index)

IconPublished 12.06.2024

These forecasts are especially relevant in summer, when people tend to get a tan, relax in nature without compromising their health.

All bulletins are available on the official website of RSE Kazhydromet . The UV index is a dimensionless value indicating the level of danger of ultraviolet radiation reaching the Earth's surface. The bulletin contains recommendations on protection from danger on a weekly basis, taking into account the forecast of the total ozone content, the height of the sun and the activity of ultraviolet radiation.
On a weekly basis, experts compile tables on the time spent in the active sun, with detailed advice on how to protect against sun exposure, indicating the time of high risk of burns or harm to health.

The bulletin of the ultraviolet radiation index from June 7 to 13 is already available on the website of RSE Kazhydromet

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