The decline of very intense heat in the west

IconPublished 17.06.2024

With the passage of atmospheric fronts, unstable weather will persist in most of Kazakhstan in the coming days. There will be rains with thunderstorms and gusty winds, hail is expected in the north, east, southeast, and in the center of the country. Heavy rains are expected on June 18 in the east, in the center, and on June 19 in the southeast of the country. Only during the period in the south and on June 19-20, the weather in the center is expected to be mostly without precipitation.

The daytime temperature will gradually decrease in the west of the country to +28+40 °C, in the north of the country an increase from +20+28 ° C to +25+31 ° C, in the center +20+33°C, in the south +30+41°C, in the southeast a slight decrease from +24+35°C to +22+32°C, and a decrease to +12+28°C is predicted in the east.

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