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IconPublished 31.08.2022

Autumn in Kazakhstan will begin with hot and dry weather

The first month of autumn will begin in summer with hot and dry weather in most of the territory of Kazakhstan, only in the extreme north-west of the country there will be short-term rains with thunderstorms, in some areas with gusty winds. This beginning of autumn will be due to the removal of warm air masses from the Mediterranean Sea and the territory of Iran. In the southern half of the republic during the daytime, the thermometer columns will reach +35 +40 °C, in the northern half +28+35 ° C. 
But already in the middle of the first decade, with the invasion of a cold anticyclone from the regions of the European territory of Russia and the movement of a high-altitude, hollow, unstable weather is predicted, first in the western regions, then in the northwest, north, in the center of the republic, and by the end of the decade in the east and south of the country: there will be rains with thunderstorms, hail, squally wind with gusts up to 15-28 m/s. 
The air temperature in the second half of the first decade of the month will drop in the west, north, northwest, center and east at night to +3+12 ° C, in the afternoon to +10+20 ° C. In the northern regions, frosts of up to 2 °C are not excluded on the soil surface at night. 
In the south, southeast, the heat is expected to decrease at the end of the first and beginning of the second decade of September: at night up to +10+17 ° C, in the afternoon up to +23+28 ° C. 
In the second and third decades of the month, the main background of air temperature in the northern half of Kazakhstan will fluctuate at night from +5+13 ° C to +1+6 ° C, in the afternoon from +20+28 ° C to +10+15 ° C, on some days at night and in the morning frosts are expected up to 2°C. In the southern regions, a decrease in the temperature background is expected in the second half of the month at night from +15+23 ° C to +3+10 ° C, in mountainous areas to frost 1 ° C, in the afternoon from +28+33 ° C to +18+23 ° C. 
With a decrease in the temperature background, the unstable nature of the weather is predicted, which will be due to the aggravation of the frontal sections and a sharp change in weather conditions. 

Note: the advisory weather forecast for the month can be adjusted as the synoptic situation changes and will be updated by decade forecasts.

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