Short-term cold snap again

IconPublished 07.10.2022

In the coming weekend, the deep depression of the cyclone, centered over the Barents Sea, shifting from west to east across the territory of Kazakhstan, will cause precipitation in the form of rain on its way: in the northern, eastern and mountainous regions of the country, rain may turn into sleet at night and in the morning, fogs will be observed, the wind will increase, south and west of the republic with a dust storm. Following the hollow, a cold anticyclone is shifting from the regions of Europe, which at the beginning of the new week will cause precipitation to stop in the west, and then in the north of the republic.
A short-term decrease in air temperature is expected: in the north, east and center of the country at night from 3 frost to 5 heat, in the afternoon to 3-13 heat. In the west of the republic at night to 1-9 heat, during the day the air will warm up to 15-25 heat. In the south of Kazakhstan at night to 1-6 heat, in mountainous areas to 2-7 frost, in the afternoon to 12-20 heat.

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