The water management situation in the country is under constant control

IconPublished 23.01.2023

This was announced today at a briefing by representatives of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan, RSE "Kazvodkhoz" and RSE "Kazhydromet" under the chairmanship of Acting Chairman of the KVR of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Bekmagambetov Dosbol Botashevich.
To date, the volume of filling in large reservoirs of the republic is 60-70%. The volume of runoff to large reservoirs is expected to be within normal limits. In all reservoirs there are free tanks for receiving flood water.
At the same time, action plans for the accident-free passage of flood waters have been developed and approved at all hydraulic structures of republican ownership, inspection certificates and certificates of readiness of facilities have been drawn up, as well as lists of water management facilities according to the degree of risk of an emergency.
"In the regions of the republic with an increased risk of floods, the Ministry is carrying out the following measures for the safe passage of water:
- the operational headquarters of the Ministry was created on the basis of the RSE "Kazvodkhoz", as well as on the basis of the branches of the RSE "Kazvodkhoz" regional headquarters of rapid response and analysis were created;
- duty schedules have been approved, the water management situation is constantly monitored;
- Representatives of branches of RSE "Kazvodkhoz" and basin inspections are included in the composition of regional commissions for the prevention and liquidation of emergency situations;
- the volume of water accumulation on transboundary water bodies located in neighboring states is analyzed;
- in the branches of RSE "Kazvodkhoz" in case of an emergency prepared: Vehicles and special equipment - 1403 units, fuel – 3500 tons., inert materials – 50,000 tons, bags – 38200 pcs., cleared of snow access and operational roads – 150 km"
– said Acting Chairman D. Bekmagambetov.
Also, analyzing the amount of water reserves in the snow, autumn soil moisture, the depth of soil freezing, a preliminary assessment of flood-hazardous regions is given.
In case of sudden changes in hydrometeorological conditions, Kazhydromet RSE will notify storm warnings about the risks of flood threats 2-3 days in advance.

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