Precipitation, fog and wind strengthening are predicted

IconPublished 17.03.2023

At the end of the week, with the passage of atmospheric frontal sections, precipitation (rain, snow) is expected in most parts of the republic, snow, snowstorm, ice in the northern and eastern half, rain, thunderstorm in the southern half, heavy precipitation (rain, snow) is expected in the mountainous regions of Almaty region, Zhetisu region on March 19, only in the west of the country without precipitation. In the second half of the period with the release of the anticyclone, weather without precipitation is expected almost all over the country. Fogs and wind strengthening are forecast for the republic.
As for the temperature background, no significant changes are expected here, only towards the end of the week in the northwest, north, center and east of Kazakhstan, the air temperature is expected to drop at night to 7-20 frost, in the afternoon to 0-8 frost.

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