A brief agrometeorological review for the 2nd decade of April 2023

IconPublished 26.05.2023

In the second decade of May, all grain-growing areas of the northern half of the republic started sowing spring grain crops after preliminary tillage. The conditions for sowing were mostly favorable, the precipitation somewhat replenished the moisture reserves of the soil.
In the early sowing of spring grain crops in the east, in the center and in the west of the country, the phase "germination of grain" – "3rd leaf" is marked. The condition of the plants is good and satisfactory.
Sunflower sowing continues at the observed sites in East Kazakhstan, Abai, West Kazakhstan and Kostanay regions after pre-sowing tillage. In early crops, the "shoots" phase is marked – "the 2nd pair of real leaves". In Almaty, North Kazakhstan, Zhetysu and Karaganda regions, potato planting continues in the observed areas, after soil preparation. The quality of field work is excellent and good.
In the southern regions, moderately warm weather, in places with precipitation above normal, was favorable for the growth and development of winter wheat, spring and fruit crops, as well as grasses, precipitation replenished soil moisture reserves. Winter wheat is in the phase of "appearance of the lower stem node" - "flowering", in some areas - "milk ripeness". The condition of the wheat is excellent and good.
In the observed areas in Almaty, Zhambyl, Zhetysu and Turkestan regions, the condition of spring barley is everywhere good, the phase of development of the "appearance of the lower stem node" is "earing", in late crops - "shoots".
The sowing of heat-loving crops (rice, sugar beet, soybeans, corn for grain, cotton) continues, row-to-row processing is carried out in early crops, water is let into rice checks and weed treatment with herbicides.
In fruit crops (apple, pear, cherry), the "end of flowering" phase is marked - "fruit formation", in raspberries - "the appearance of inflorescences". The condition of fruit crops is everywhere good.
On the crops of perennial grasses (alfalfa, clover), the phase "appearance of the lower node of the straw" is observed – "flowering", in the herbs of the esparcet - "appearance of inflorescences". The condition of the herbs is good and satisfactory, the 1st cutting of alfalfa herbs continues.
The weather in the past decade has favored cattle grazing everywhere. Spring shearing and bathing of sheep continues, as well as veterinary activities.
Pastures were poorly and moderately grazed. The condition of the herbage is generally good and satisfactory. The condition of the sod is dry and damp.

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