A brief agrometeorological review for the 3rd decade of April 2024

IconPublished 06.05.2024

In the third decade of April, sowing of spring crops continues in the south and south-east of the republic, the prevailing meteorological conditions were favorable for the growth and development of plants.

In the Almaty region, the "formation of nodular roots" phase is observed in the observed areas of spring wheat. The condition of spring wheat is mostly good. Spring barley sowing has begun in Kegen and Zhambyl districts. The quality of the crops and the condition of the plants are good. The phases of "germination of grain" - "shoots" are noted.

In spring barley crops in Zhambyl, Zhetysu, and Turkestan regions, the phases of "germination" - "exit into the tube" are noted.  The condition of spring barley is mostly good. The height of the plants is 8-22 cm.

In the Karaganda region, the development phase of "grain germination" - "shoots" is noted on spring barley crops in the Abai district (AMP Agrogorodok). The quality of the crops and the condition of the plants are excellent.

In the West Kazakhstan region, spring barley sowing has begun in the Chingirlau district (Lubenka weather station).

In the south and south-east of the republic, favorable conditions for the growth and development of winter wheat were observed. The "tillering" phase is marked -"the appearance of the lower stem node". The height of the plants ranged from 14 cm to 48 cm. The condition of winter wheat is mostly good and excellent.

In the northern regions of the country, spring field work, harrowing of fumes and chills have begun.

During the passage of spring floods, flooding of observation sites with pasture crops in the Irgiz district of Aktobe region (MS Nura) was noted.

In the south of the country, after preparing the soil, they began sowing heat-loving crops (corn, sugar beet, soybeans, cotton).

In orchards of fruit crops (apple, pear, cherry, raspberry), the phases of development "unfolding of the first leaves" – "appearance of inflorescences" are noted, in apple orchards in Almaty, Zhetysu and Turkestan regions, the phase "flowering" - "the end of flowering" is noted, around the Tasaryk weather station in the Turkestan region, the phase "the end of flowering." The condition of fruit crops is good everywhere.

In the southern regions of the republic, the phase of "stem growth" – "appearance of inflorescences" is observed everywhere on crops of perennial grasses (alfalfa, esparcet, clover). The condition is mostly good and satisfactory.

At the end of the past decade, pastures in Moyinkum, Talas and Shusky districts of Zhambyl region and some pastures in Mangystau region have not been grazed, moderate grazing is observed in Zhambyl district of Almaty region, Kurmangazinsky district of Atyrau region, Karatal district of Zhetysu region, Akzhaiksky district of West Kazakhstan region and Beine district of Mangystau region, pastures are strongly grazed in the Ulytau district of the Ulytau region, pastures are poorly grazed in the rest of the territory.

The condition of the sod on pastures is mostly dry, on some pastures in Aktobe and West Kazakhstan regions the sod is raw.

The overall visual assessment of the grassland is generally "good", with some pastures in satisfactory and excellent condition.

In the third decade of April, soil moisture accumulation conditions were satisfactory and optimal in the main grain-bearing regions of the country.

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