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IconPublished 05.09.2022

Seasonal weather forecast for autumn 2022 on the territory of Kazakhstan


In autumn, both rainy days, with rains, gusty winds, and warm sunny days are expected.
According to the advisory seasonal weather forecast for autumn, in the first two autumn months in most of the republic, the air temperature is predicted to be about normal, in the southern part of Kazakhstan - above normal by 1 °. November is expected to be warm in most of the republic, about normal – in the west and in the far north of the country.
The amount of precipitation in September in most of the country is forecast to be less than normal. In October and November, precipitation in most regions of the country is expected to be around the climatic norm.
The seasonal weather forecast is issued six times a year: 1 forecast for the warm half-year, 1 forecast for the cold half-year, which are specified by 4 quarterly forecasts for winter, spring, summer and autumn in 17 regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan:
• February 15 for spring (March-May);
• March 15 for the warm period (April-October);
• May 15 for summer (June-August);
• August 15 for autumn (September-November);
• October 15 for the cold period (November-March);
• November 15 for winter (December-February).
The forecast for the season contains:
• a table of the average long-term values of air temperature per month and the amount of precipitation (norm) on the territory of the regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan for a number of observations from 1991 to 2020.
• a brief description of the expected distribution of deviations of air temperature and precipitation from the average long-term values (norm) in the regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
• maps of expected deviations of the average monthly air temperature from the norm;
• maps of expected precipitation deviations from the norm.
The seasonal forecast should be used as an advisory, which is updated with forecasts for shorter periods (month, decade, week and day).
For reference: the seasonal weather forecast is a description of the averaged meteorological parameters (air temperature and precipitation) expressed as deviations (anomalies) from climatic values (long-term norm) for the considered season.

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